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Knowing Your Audience

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Knowing Your Audience

In drafting an announcement of the cruise ship Costa Concordia wreck, the best possible release would be an individual letter to the families of all the passengers aboard the ship and either a memo or email to the employees. This gives the most personal response to the most people possible. Another way to get information out to the masses would be an interview on television and/or radio and even an internet post on the company web site. The letter would need to be sincere and give the families of the guests and employees as much information needed to insure that their needs are taken care of. When drafting a release or communication for a disaster the company or government needs to provide the public, employees or personnel involved with the most accurate data or information available. This is important in many ways, it eases concern, and it helps with public scrutiny and helps individuals recover from tragic affairs. Knowing your audience is helps in drafting releases and how information should be released.

Draft to Guests of Costa Concordia

To the guests of the Costa Concordia, we of Carnival Cruise lines are sincerely regretful for the events that have occurred in the past days. We grieve for the lives lost and for the injuries that have occurred both physically and psychologically. The tragic event that has fallen on you and any of your family members had shed light on some serious flaws in the way our cruise lines have been operated. Steps have been put in motion to rectify all the problems that have been discovered during this time of troubles. Our technicians and Human Resource departments have begun investigations into the cause of this event and we will release information as is comes to light.

In the mean time, it is our intent to assist you and your families as much as possible in your time of need. A toll free number has been activated to provide you with updated information when it comes available. Medical care, grief and trauma counseling will be provided to any who require it at no cost. Any question or concerns you may have can be addressed to our public affairs office. Any losses both materially and financial will be made up to the best of our ability. Please direct any claims you may have to our legal office.

Once again, we at Carnival Cruise Lines are deeply regretful for this tragedy that has occurred on one of our subsidiary lines. It is both our wish and our responsibility to correct this event to both our customers and our company. It is our duty to make all within the Carnival Cruise Lines the safest most reliable form of vacation travel.

To The Employees of Carnival Cruise Lines

By now all of you had heard of the tragic events that have befallen our company. To those involved, we wish to express our deepest condolences to you and to



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