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Bcom 275 - Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

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Essay Preview: Bcom 275 - Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

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Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

Jonh Doe



Mr. Simpon

Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

There are several ways that information can be communicated and shared through written, verbal or visual communications. There are also several ways that a presenter can present the information to different intended audiences. Depending on whom the intended audience is the presenter can change tone, dialog and sentiment to allow the receiver of the information to understand the message. Such is the case in the famous Chilean miner story of 2010. In this paper you will read about how 3 different articles view and communicate the same story. The paper will also present examples of how the writers of the articles target their intended audience.

The Chilean miner story of August 5, 2010 where a roof of the mine at San Sebastian Mining Company in San Jose Chile collapsed, blocking the main access way 330 meters (1,100 feet) below the surface. The collapsed mine trapped 33 miners for 69 days and were it is believed to be by many a miracle that they were able to rescue all 33 miners (Wade, 2012). When presenting this story depending on whom the audience is a writer must be careful to interpret the story to cater to the needs of the audience. This story can be presented several ways depending on who the audience is. For example, news articles or publications cater to the general public and do not have to worry about hurting feelings of readers or sensibility of readers of take in to account whether a person may have a vested interest or be a close friend or family member. The main job of the writer is to report the occurrences and attempt to remain impartial and objective of course there are also writers that will have an agenda and attempt to persuade their point of view. Most articles written about the Chilean miners report the occurrences as they are stating facts about the horrible situation that the miners found themselves in. Most articles speak about the horrible situation in which the miners were a part of and explain the facts of the difficult situation in which the miners were in. If an author was writing to a family member of a miner perhaps the same tone and grueling details of the horrible very difficult situation would be very different. For example if a letter was going to directed to a family member, the writer may want to be more caring toward feels of the family members and use a more companionate tone to help alleviate any sorrows and concerns that they may have.

When communicating with the family members of the miners there are several needs that would have to be addressed. Among the needs would be need to know information such as what is being done at the time to help get the individuals out as well as updates of progression and optimistic tone to show and give encouragement to the family. Other needs that the family of the trapped miners may need include spiritual help such as a chaplain, religious minister or priest, a physiological therapist. The therapist may help the family handle the difficult situation and also provide a support group for the family which was understandably in a very worried and anxious state.

Employees of the mine would also have needs that would have to be addressed and communicating to them is also very important. Similar to communicating with the family the communication must be in a very caring tone and sympathetic manner. The communicator must also take in consideration that employees will be worried like the family as they work with trapped personnel and may have good relationships with the individuals



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