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Knowledge Can Managed and Transferred to National Employees in the Public Sectors

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Essay Preview: Knowledge Can Managed and Transferred to National Employees in the Public Sectors

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Introduction and objective

The research proposal will describe and cover how knowledge can managed and transferred to national employees in the public sectors. This research will lead as to answer the question, which is, what can be done to help public sector employees take the leap and move to private sectors.

The concept and vocabulary of knowledge management is hard to define. Different people understand the concept of managing and transferring knowledge differently and few can define it in measurable terms. "Knowledge transfer is more than just on-the-job training. It is the planned movement of the right skills and information at the right time to keep a workforce prepared, productive, innovative, and competitive" (Trautman).In the present economy, knowledge is an important organizational asset, which means that expertise must be transferred and shared among units. "Studies show that companies which focus on implementing knowledge transferring have a better chance to increase their level of productivity" (Biygautane 3). Even though it's important to understand the concept of transferring knowledge, the sharing of information within organizations remains a challenge. This research proposal shows that transferring knowledge has significantly impact on improving the employees' ability and productivity. In addition it will focus on understating the concept of transferring knowledge through generating general focus question that will help us in implementing this research. Therefor, the question that this research is trying to answers is "how can knowledge be transferred to national employees in the public sector.

This research proposal will be achieved in almost 17 weeks. And using S.M.A.R.T. method is one way to help me remember how to walk through the research proposal. I choose University City as source for my research since I have been working there and I would like to draw their attention to the importance of managing and transfer knowledge within the organization to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Relevant literature

Moving to the relevant literature where I will list five sources which will provide me with a general understanding of this topic and they are:

1. Study case: Knowledge Management in the UAE's Public Sector

The previous source is discussing a study case that had been implemented in Dubai; therefore it is one of the important reasons behind choosing this case. The source includes useful information such as: examples, data and diagrams that will help to complete my analysis, in addition gaining an overall idea about transferring knowledge specifically in UAE.

2. Article : steps to achieve Knowledge Transfer

The article was written by Mark Waschek and it covers several steps to achieve Knowledge Transfer. This source comprise almost the answers for my research proposal which is how to transfer knowledge using several steps that been included in this article.

3. Document: Knowledge Transfer through People

This source includes a variety of information about knowledge transfer, such as: knowledge transfer initiatives, knowledge transfer principles and methods that will be used to encourage people to embrace culture change. So using the source will help me collecting as much information as possible about knowledge transfer.

4. Article: Using mentoring and storytelling to transfer knowledge in the workplace

This article focuses on two transfer mechanisms - mentoring and storytelling - that can leverage the knowledge of an organization, to build core capabilities. I have chosen this article because it draws on relevant research in learning and cognitive psychology to clarify the conditions under which mentoring and storytelling can be most effective as carriers of knowledge.

5. Article: Knowledge Transfer and Performance

The purpose of this study is to investigate the determinants and outcomes of internal knowledge transfer which will help me to understand the effects of transferring knowledge.

Research design

The Research design that I have chosen is the exploratory research. I believe that this research design will deliver the necessary evidences to answer the research problem as accurately and clearly as possible. In addition, reach a greater understanding of how knowledge can be transferred to the national employees through collecting the right data from different sources and different point of views. Toward the chosen research design I will focus



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