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About Managment Concern for Employees

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December 9, 2012

To: Whom it my concern,

Hello this is Amanda Arispe I am a Division Manager her at Austen Pharmaceuticals in Manchaca, TX. I would like to inform you that I have a huge concern for all my employees that work in my division and would like to state they are all outstanding workers. They all are average to above average and continue to show an increase in performance. I would also like to state that many of them have been here for several years and I also have lots of women and minorities working here as well. I would hate to lose any of them. I know you are aware of the dilemma we face in needing to decrease our payroll.

I have can to a conclusion on how we can create the decrease of 15% or more and still manage to keep all our employees, thus we don't have to let anyone go at this time. I have had a meeting with all my employees about the situation and we have all agreed on keeping everyone so I don't have to let anyone go and we can still keep our loyal employees as well. I have decided to offer a shorter work week thus given us the 15% decrease in payroll, but also give all employees an equal and fair resolution to the situation at hand so no one losses their job. I think this will help keep our team attitude and show we care about all our employees old and new and that we are fair to all. Plus this gives our employees a since of appreciation for all they do for us here at Austen Pharmaceuticals.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Amanda Arispe

Division Manager

Manchaca, TX



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