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Knowledge Case

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Essay Preview: Knowledge Case

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Light: Ozulu house. CHINEDU and ENUMA enter.

Chinedu: Always on the edge of their seats to our love,

Just to take the edge off our love.

I really need to bring them to no effect,

And this, can only be done with immediate effect.

People, who are suppose to handle such serious matters,

All their sayings, do not look elders and betters.

Enuma: In life, in every level,

Relax not, for there is a devil,

When you are in a new level,

Prepare facing a new devil.

For all they seek, is just evil.

Chinedu: Our ancestors never objected to we making our choice.

What I'm facing now, is something of no rejoice,

Being mandated to leave the one I love,

Believing they know best, when it comes to love.

Believing they know the result of the ingredients put together

Before it is cooked, and put off the fire.

Enuma: To me, if only that was their real reason,

Because what I see them seek is something different.

By the personal rules that they all abide,

Without consideration, preventing you from getting your bride.

As a result of each, sticking to its relligion.

A father cannot grant his grown-up son, the freedom,

A father cannot grant his grown-up daughter, the freedom.

The freedom to live freely: the freedom to love.

Chinedu: Leaving her, will be like peeling off my skin.

Leaving her, will be like decapitating myself.

Leaving her, will be like ceasing my breath.

Leaving her, will be calling the strange sickness

The strange sickness that kills in a twinkle of an eye.

Leaving her, is not something I can do.

Enuma: I wish it was easy as they thought.

Just as it is not easy for the mouth.

To fly at day, so it prefers the night,

For convenience, and it's



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