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Kobe Case

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Going global into the United Kingdom and our countries, our goal is to increase our sales and growth by about 12% our first year, and then expend it to about 45% in our fourth year in the market. We are going to focus on market penetration in our first couple of years to see where the products are selling in the particular locations. Expanding traditional stores to convenient stores are also, what we want to do when selling our products. Once our brand is known around the world, we will start thinking about more different Toppik products we can sell in the future.

Section 3

Channels Of Distribution

We want our consumers to know overseas that our product is a 100% safe and works great as long it is used correctly. Children have to keep away from Toppik, since it is powder that has built in hair fibers they can easily put in their mouth, without realizing it is dangerous. We put instructions and before and after images in each product to show the consumers how to use the certain Toppik product they bought, and the great effects you can get after using it. Some products will last people months depending on how fast a person is balding.

As our current sales are distributing through local markets, we will distribute the same in the United Kingdom. Our plan is to get our Toppik products to the convenient stores and super markets, which will then get to the customer. There are different types of levels when it comes to channels of distribution. The easiest way is to do a two-level structure, which goods and services move directly from the manufacturer or provider to the consumer. Consumers are able to order products directly from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will fulfill those orders through its own physical distribution system. In a three-level structure, retailers serve as intermediaries between consumers and manufacturers. Retailers order products directly from the manufacturer, and then sell those products directly to the consumers. Problem is, our company does not let consumers buy it directly from us in person. We are a big factory that can distribute the products in mail, which can costs a lot of money on shipping depending what area you live in; or distribute the products in stores and overseas such as the United Kingdom and keep it in any liquor store or super market that people go to.



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