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Benefits of Using the Ku Writing and Math Centers

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Essay Preview: Benefits of Using the Ku Writing and Math Centers

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Date: December 1, 2006

To: Professor Phillips

From: Christina Hubbard

Subject Line: Benefits of using the KU writing and math centers

Dear Professor Phillips,

My name is Christina Hubbard. I am a student enrolled at Kaplan University and I have been for two semesters now. I attended FMU (Florida Metropolitan University) for about 2 ½ years (May 2004 - June 2006). While I was attending FMU I felt that I wasn't enough available resources offered by the school. I then decided I was going to look into other schools. I was recommended, by a friend, to Kaplan University. I was even told that KU offered services to their students' that would help them thru their courses. After becoming familiar with some of the resources available, my admissions advisor explained to me that there was a Writing and Math center for all KU students.

While reading and becoming familiar with the writing and reading center I realized that they are there to help the students by providing useful tools that would help with their writing tasks and mathematical problems. My area of study is "Business with the option of Accounting" so writing and math will be used frequently. I have only been attending for two semesters and I haven't really gotten the best use of the centers as of yet. I do intend on taking advantage of using them to help me to progress further with my education. I know that I will be very happy just from the information that I have already taken in.

The main objective of the writing center is to provide you with important tools that will help you with your writing tasks. There are three important tools available to help you with your writing tasks. First, a live tutor is available to work with you on your writing skills and how to become a better writer. The live sessions are available approximately 15 hours each week, (Mon.-Wed. 6pm to 11 pm ET; Thur. 8pm to 11 pm ET). If help is needed in accessing the live tutor instructions are provided right on the home page. I particularly like this resource because you are able to chat with the tutor right there. Unless you physically attend a college tutoring is very hard to get a tutor and can be very costly. Next, there is an available reference section, which is written by Kaplan University instructors. The references are in PDF format making it easy to print out for future use. I like this part because seeing it will help to memorize what you have read. Last, there is the NetTutor paper preview service. This is especially good for when you need feedback on a writing assignment. You can take the comments and use them to help you to write a better paper.

The main objective of the math center is to provide the students with an answer to questions that they may have concerning mathematics



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