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Computer Information System Brief

Michelle Nikolaou

ACC/ 542

August 31, 2015

Yasin Dadabhoy

Computer Information System Brief

Accounting Information Needs

        Information needs of Kudler that could help with the possible expansion of the company includes a customer database. This would contain basic customer information like name, address, birthday and other customer information. Another information need would be finance and accounting records of transactions. These transactions can be by store, department, and product. The financial statements can include budgets, inventory reports, and accounts payable and receivable. Other information needs are customer patterns of purchase, sales and profits levels of each day, demand information for each location, and sales and profits for each inventory item. Kudler also has other information needs as in dollar value and profit margin with each transaction, historical data of the sales, and recording the details from the transactions as in date, quantity, price, and taxes. These information needs of Kudler can be met with a computer system that would meet the business needs of the company.

Strengths and Weaknesses

        Kudler has many strengths to their current computer system and the technology them currently use. The company is currently using REMS, Retail Enterprise Management System. This system provides the company with finance and accounting modules that provides the company with chart of accounts, transaction details from each individual store, department and product. There are standard purchasing procedures in place in the company. The financial reporting of Kudler allows to show trend analysis for certain period of times. There were a few weakness found in the current computer systems and technology of Kudler. In all the Kudler stores there is no purchasing department. The company has had issues when forecasting products to carry and the quantity to carry. The Kudler company has no written security polices related to finance and accounting systems.


        Kudler has the opportunity for more business. This can be achieved by marketing strategies to improve customer loyalty and profitability. By identifying customer purchase patterns can help Kudler provide and offer the necessary things to satisfy all of their valued customers.


        As Kudler is ineffective in their method of forecasting they may not be able to deal with expanding the business. In their current system there is inadequate information on their competitors, this may leave Kudler unable to have completive strategies. Their information system will need improvements as their customers increase in their characteristics and economic conditions.



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