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Language Analysis: Time to Outlaw Teen Bullying

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Essay Preview: Language Analysis: Time to Outlaw Teen Bullying

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Time to Outlaw Teen Bullying

Language Analysis  - Madeleine Yacoub

In the letter to the editor, ‘Time to outlaw teen bullying’ (Herald Sun 1/3/12), writer Sara addresses the issue of bullying is being handled correctly. Through her concerned tone, Sara stresses to her audience of adults and lawmakers that laws about bullying need to be immediately enforced.

Teens are going to extreme lengths to escape bullying.

  • Being a ’16-year old’ ‘teenager’ validates her argument as she is aware of suicide and bullying going on around her.
  • ‘we’ , inclusive language. Many teenagers feel as if suicide is the only way out of bullying.
  • Anecdote evokes sympathy in the readers and shows the realism of the situation.
  • ‘Suicide is not the only option.’

Children are vulnerable and need protection but no one is providing it.

  • Is going ‘too far’ because no one is stopping it.
  • Rhetorical question provokes thought in the reader. Makes them question what is being done and why minimal is being done…?
  • Children cannot always stand up for themselves. ‘Scared to speak up.’ Makes readers feel the need to assist victims of bullying.
  • The fear of not belonging makes children accept bullying and not stand up about it. Provides readers with a sense of understanding about why children do not always stand up to bullys. Makes them want to do something for them.

Social networking is contributing to bullying and making it complicated to escape.

  • ‘It follows you home.’ It’s all there’. Makes readers recognise that bullying never stops due to social networking and therefore they feel sorry for teens and are obligated to help.   



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