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Language Case

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eva woodroofs Commentary of my monologue.

After reading through a selection of monologue's I was inspired to write one of my own, in my monologue the focus Is a young girl who is a daughter of a king that has just banished her from the kingdom because she didn't tell him how much she loved him. But her two sisters did and they were not banished however they are evil sisters who do not love there father and Cordelia is his favourite daughter yet he banishes her which is quite ironic the character is from a book called king lear by William Shakespeare.

For this dramatic monologue I have tried to provide mixed messages sent by Cordelia throughout her speech. She seems confused and angry "I cant just stay here and hear about it!" but also sad and frightened "i'm frightened" There are also slight contradictions in her attire and speech which reflects the indecisive thinking she possesses. For example she wants her father to suffer yet she loves him unconditionally. Her tone changes from calm to furious but Throughout the monologue, there are small hints that Cordelia is unstable and unsure of herself even though she is trying to act like she fine in some bits. In this way, the audience will be just as unsure as Cordelia herself.

The register I have chosen for Cordelia is a mixture of average and overly informal speech which again reflects her mixed mind and personality. Cordelia's tone changes according to her register; she starts of formal which makes her sound serious in her speech but then goes slightly informal when she begins to become angry and show her true feelings. Cordelia's tone and register changes throughout the monologue to emphasise her confused state of mind.

eva woodroof



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