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Language Case

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According to Robert Provine who is a professor of university of Maryland Baltimore Campus, he said that language skills are secondary products from biped walking. It is presented in Neuroscience Society 29th Annual Meeting that is held in Miami on October 28. This article is really related to our course because language ability is a significant part of human revolution.

Ability to speak is linked to biomechanical and neurological mechanism issue. The four-legged animal has a 1:1 correlation between walking and breathing patterns because the four- legged animals have to absorb a shock of the forelimb in the running by the correlation. This correlation makes four-legged animals possible to add stiffness of the chest (sternum, ribs and associated muscle groups Organization). Without such synchronization chest is weak and unable to absorb the impact. When primates start to walk on two legs, they can control their breathing freely because they can release from the 1:1 correlation. It makes them possible to use languages. That is to say controlling breathing freely permits using language like human beings. Human beings lose physical strength instead of getting advanced communication skills. In my opinion, it is absolutely significant revolution because developed ability to communication accelerates human being's development of their brain. Human beings become more creative by using languages, and it is linked to our development of industry. He discovered this correlation by studying a chimpanzee's gasping laugh.

This article is completely related to our course. Comparing the way of human's breath and other four-legged animals help us to understand human beings' noteworthy features and revolution. Human beings developed greater intelligence and thus reached the highest state of development, and the foundation of this development is clearly originated from using languages. I thought using languages is one of the most significant human's revolutions. I hate even think the situation that we communicate without languages.



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