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Ldr610 - Tom Green Paper

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Glen Metheny

In this case study, it is showcased that how and why an exemplary individual contributor could not keep pace with the expectations of a management role in a open minded and advancing Company. In life, we always feel that we are ready for the ultimate jump in our careers, however, going through the right set of roles and responsibilities is mandatory and recommended too.

Here, Thomas Green has been shown to be a very hard working and intelligent lad who didn't refrain from even washing cars to fulfill his dream to become a Economics graduate. He had a very modest upbringing and yet he dared to dream big for himself. He climbed up the ladder to become Account Executive in due course of time and after many hardships. He also is strong willed and hence worked towards excelling at his new role with Dynamic Displays.

Dynamic Displays, on the other hand, has excellent leaders who too dared big in 1994, just after 4 years of launching their primary operations of ATM installations. by 2007, they were the market leaders in their new division of " Travel and Hospitality" Had they not risked their capital on those new wings, they would have never reached the position they are on now.

Frank has an outstanding career path, wherein he has worked in all roles leading to the position of Director, where he is now. He understands each position and related challenges & expectations in detail. He knows where the chances are to get stuck and where are the opportunities to excel and grow further. Mc Donalds is a true leader. He knows what challenges he would face because of his decision to promote Green directly to the position of "Senior Market Specialist", yet he wanted to take this risk and a leap of faith in his well deserving employee - Green.

While Green was an excellent individual contributor, he never gained experience to become a Leader. True Leadership skills are attained only through experience, and not Trainings. There is no shortcut to success. While the operations processes like updating portals, outlook etc. seemed unimportant to Green, these hold very high importance in the management world.

Green will be required to work on his data & analysis skills too, which would help him to complete the loop of sales as well as Strategic growth. He has to take up challenges and work towards them. In the end, the efforts put in are equally rewarded as the ultimate results.

As I would like to think, there are bunches of contrast in real life of Thomas Green and desires for Frank Davis. Firstly, as we realize that Green's past position of record official was moderate, and his major jobs are just to speak with profitable customers and meet the business target. After Green has changed his situation as senior showcasing investigation, he didn't move well in market sense and workstyle. Candid Davis expected Thomas Green to be a solid and expert individual who could identify industry patterns, assess new business openings and set up deals objectives. In this manner, Thomas Green not just needs to create general market and explicit procedures to help the record executive enhance deals and accomplish the objective outcomes, yet in addition should be key in recognizing patterns, anticipating issues and giving important arrangements. (Sasser, Beckham, 2008)

On the opposite side, Frank Davis is unsatisfied that Thomas Green didn't manufacture an effective communication channel with him when Green never educated Davis about his timetables. It can be easily that the real errands of Green as senior market investigation is to catch up market data but he neglected to give input on the supporting information that required to be put on notices and presentations before the required due dates which is disregarding Davis' work gauges. Moreover, Thomas Green was not eager and sat around idly by grumbling on the issues he confronted. (Sasser, Beckham, 2008)

McDonald, Davis and Green all need to set up a decent time for a telephone call to clear



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