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Leadership Case

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Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Leadership

in the nursing profession is of great importance. Nurses have the connections to discourse the

problems that are occurring in the healthcare field. There are six leadership roles described by

Galford and Maruca in the assessment Your Leadership Legacy. However, all roles play an

important part in the healthcare field.

The Experienced Guide Role comes easily for me. Having been through many

experiences in life, there is a very diverse of situations that can be handled more thoroughly than

someone not as proficient. Being pivotal in this role makes dealing with stress more effectively

in the workplace. A positive attitude helps build confidence. You must have a strong self-worth

and be confident in your abilities; this role has a wisdom and maturity that can be passed on to

other workers.

The Advocate Role is not one of my strongest leadership roles. The role entails being

the spokesperson of your group of colleagues. I have tendencies to be passive aggressive but

this will be changed. When it comes to working in the medical field there has to be persons that

speak up for the team. Also you have to move forward collaborating with staff on creative ideas

help to improve healthcare. With better communication skills this is something that I will greatly

advance on in my nursing career.

The Ambassador Role is also not one of the roles that I'm not too familiar with. It says

that the ambassador instinctively knows how to handle a variety of situations with grace. The

fact that I handle situations so easily it can come off as dry. I will learn to execute in my


profession, how to show care and compassion. I will be both objective and respectful to both

opposing sides of a situation in the work place and with patients.

All roles including ones listed above, also with the People Mover and Truth Seeker are




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