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Leadership Development - Global Warming and Pollution in Canada

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Essay Preview: Leadership Development - Global Warming and Pollution in Canada

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Leadership Development

The Five Step Leadership Process Assignment 2

Global Warming and Pollution in Canada

Leadership Development: Assignment 2

Global Warming and Pollution in Canada


In this report, I will analyze the Five-Step Leadership Process which was discussed in class. First, there will be an introduction of what issue I will work on during the process of this assignment. There will be enough details for the reader to gain a deep understanding of the situation and how my leadership will be needed. Then, there will be a thorough analysis of the Five-Step Leadership Process and how each of these steps was put into practice. I will also give comprehensive explanations of how each of the five steps helped me work towards the realization of my goal. Finally, I will conclude with a summary of what the findings of my paper discussed and the real outcome of this project.


Throughout the years, Global Warming and Pollution in Canada has become a serious issue that has resulted in many negative effects such as the melting of our Arctic circle. Even though Canada has always been looked at as a global leader in the fight against global warming and the decrease in pollution, the country is actually one of the largest polluters in the world and has ultimately seen the enormous affects of global warming first hand. People, as well as the government need to realize that if pollution percentages don't have a dramatic decrease in the next 10 years our Canadian environment is severely in trouble. According to Statistics Canada, Canada is ranked 15th out of 17 peer countries for pollution emissions and air quality and received a "D" rating for the past 5 years for its environmental performance. It is such, that each year Canada is not improving its environments performance, but satisfactorily meeting the required standards or at some times, dropping below the required standards. Throughout the past 7 years, Canada has been improving its air quality, reducing its overall energy intensity and increasing the growth of forest resources relative to forestry harvesting. Although, Canada must do immense changes to lower its greenhouse gas emissions, use freshwater resources more wisely and proportionately and lastly, reduce waste. For Canada to improve its overall performance, Canada must promote economic growth without further degrading the environment, ultimately by encouraging more sustainable consumption. Compared to the United States, Canada's economy is inefficient, in that we use more energy than necessary and generate more pollution when producing a given amount of goods and services relative to competitors. These statistics include that Canada uses 33% more energy than the United States per unit of GDP. We also rank among the three worst countries on nine pollutions indicators such as, water consumption, carbon monoxide indicators, and sulphur dioxide emissions. Since 1990, Canada's emissions levels have increased by 13.4%, as well as Canada exert 48% more greenhouse gases than the OECD average. Through all of these factors, Canada has seen the true effects of what pollution which leads to global warming can do to the environment. One of the first hand cases Canada has seen is that of the melting of our Arctic Circle. Since 2006, Canada's Arctic Circle has decreased in size and water content by almost 43%. This has also lead to the decrease in the amount of polar bears and white seals. Both of which have been added to the endangered wildlife list, but in any case if Canada doesn't change its outlook, pollution laws and standards and ultimately its total environmental performance, Canada's environment and Arctic Circle along with the country as a whole is in serious trouble. In any case, the Canadian Government and its citizens need to take the lead, and initiate a change. The goal is to improve Canada's environmental situation and emissions standards by setting a clear path towards improvement. This path will identify the main causes of Canada's emission amounts and environmental issues. Once these problems have been thoroughly analyzed, plans can be made for implementation and more complex issues can be researched in order to create a more effective plan. This environmental initiative is focused on the Canada's environment as a whole, but mainly its pollution standards. Having less pollution and having a clean and robust environment is important for everyone around the world and of course the world itself. However, the scope of this assignment is limited to the environment in Canada. As Canada, "The true North, Strong and Free" we need to set an example to other countries by showing that, we are the true north, a country who cherishes and protects their environment and who expects others to follow suit. The results of these initiatives can be shared to help improve pollution amounts and the environment in all countries, in the hope of slowing down global warming.

I will form a team of experts as part of a non profit committee in the hopes of accomplishing various pollution and environmental initiatives.

Leadership Application

Step One: Be an Authentic Leader

I will use the following personal and leadership strengths to help me accomplish my goal.

Area My Leadership Strengths My Personal Strengths

Personality Optimism Open-mindedness

Values Courage Task oriented

Attitudes Envision Fairness

MBTI Self Confidence Integrity


As the leader of my group in the fight against global warming and pollution in Canada, I will need the strength of courage to help me succeed. The implementation of this strength within the task, will allow me to stand up for what I believe in, my values, and to help my opinion be heard. This strength may also come into play, when problems occur within the group or where one must have the courage to stand up and speak their mind. Being that our one vision is to decrease green house gas emissions and pollution from manufacturing companies, both of these problems directly relate to manufacturing companies. That being said, trying to lower these emissions and increase standards on these



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