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Global Warming - Not as Important as the Warriors

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Essay Preview: Global Warming - Not as Important as the Warriors

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For the first time in twelve years, the Golden State Warriors are in the playoffs and the entire Bay Area is united. Thanks to good coaching and an amazing starting line up, the Warriors have been able to do the best that they can against the Utah Jazz. While this is good news for anyone who enjoys basketball and lives near the Bay Area, it is still depressing that more than half of the state cares more about a sport than global warming and the very real effect of climate change.

Northern California is well known as a very environmentally conscious or "Earth friendly" place. Not only do we recycle everything that we can, we also build houses out of recycled materials. People from all over the country and world come to workshops held in Northern California cities like San Francisco and Sacramento, for ideas on how they can revamp their lives and businesses in order to comply with the growing trend of Earth conscious consumers. However, there is one very large problem, which looms over the green parties efforts to make at least California into a green state. The big roadblock against these efforts is that most people don't care about the environment and climate change because they cannot see the immediate affects of our climate change, and the big monstrous changes wont happen for generations.

In Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Al shows vivid charts and computer generated examples of what major U.S. cities will look like once the polar ice caps melt and raise sea levels. Not only will half of Manhattan be completely submerged, but most of San Francisco will also be flooded due to the fact that it technically is an island. Even in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina which left New Orleans (another island that happened to be six feet under sea level) completely devastated and forced millions into a homeless state, more than half of the national population still does not believe that global warming is real and a threat to their daily lives.

When the hole in the ozone was publicly announced, not only did most of the world freak out but also an agreement was made by economically sound countries to greatly reduce the levels of CFC'S (which have been shown to help the hole in the ozone grow). However, nothing like this has happened for the global warming crisis. There have been many articles published with ideas on how the general public can help reduce their contributions to the ever-growing climate crisis. But most people can't afford a $15 light bulb, or a cleaner burning car. And for get about updating a home with solar panels, the average American or even Californian, cannot afford to spend at least $15,000 on remolding their home with environmentally friendly products and equipment.

If the car company's made eco friendly cars more affordable and not as ugly, then more people would be interested in purchasing them. If equipping a home with solar powered panels



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