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Global Warming - Planet Is Warming

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Essay Preview: Global Warming - Planet Is Warming

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Hi, I would like to speak with you about Global warming and how could we make a contribution to change its effect. Why this subject?

There is little doubt that the planet is warming. We could see how every summer we get bitten by the heat, how the pollution affect our health or how the skin cancer have become something so popular. Over the last century, the planets temperature has risen by around 1 degree Fahrenheit. And every year we get new records in temperature levels.

The United Nations panel on climate change projects says that the global temperatures will rise between 3-10 degrees fahrenheit by the century's end - this is enough to have the polar caps all but melted. If the ice caps melt, a vast majority of our countries borders will be under water. Monuments and great buildings, as well as homes and lives will be under water, including New York City.

By this time we know already what is causing the global warming, how can we as individuals do our part to help save the planet? How could we help to revert all this?

The answer is simpler than you may think. You don't have to go miles away from home to protest, or spend masses of money. If you try to follow the few simple steps that I shall now give you, you will have started to help us all.

Firstly, plant a tree. This could be easier than it sounds. Trees, when fully grown, will help keep the planet cooler. On the same point, you could protest against the demolition of the rainforests. This is the same principle, we need the trees to cool our planet.

Something as simple as walking instead of taking the car will help reduce pollution. As well as stopping pollution, you are giving yourself exercise, something important for our bodies. So the next time you get into your car, or your motorbike, think - do I have to make this journey by vehicle or can I walk?

If possible use solar energy, after all it is free; all you need to buy is the equipment. You can get much of your hot water and heating from the sun and even generate electricity.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Only buy what you need. Reuse whatever you can, like containers and paper, and recycle what you cannot reuse. It really is as simple as that.

Finally turning off unused sources of power such as televisions and heaters will help the environment, as well as save you money.

If everybody stuck to these rules, we would be doing a great thing by protecting the earth. So please take into consideration what I have said, and try to do your part. After all, it will be our next generation that will feel the effects.



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