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Leadership Goals in Nursing

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Leadership Development Plan

The SMART goals I am working on are I will become more knowledgeable and proficient in the coaching style of leadership by using the coaching forms during the evaluation meetings with staff and meeting with the Hospice coach, reviewing journal articles, policies and websites related to coaching due to this is the leadership style my organization uses. I will complete this goal by the end of week six. The other SMART goal I am working on is I will become more knowledgeable about the requirements/recommendations needed to open an inpatient Hospice facility by meeting with our organization's CEO, reviewing Wisconsin requirements, reviewing websites and peer-reviewed articles to obtain the information regarding opening a Hospice inpatient facility by the end of week six. I chose these two goals because these are things that are our organization is involved in at this time. These goals will benefit the organization and my future with the organization.

Goal 1: Leadership Development

Approximately one year ago, our organization changed the leadership style to coaching leadership. It was difficult at first to understand that particular type of leadership but slowly things are starting to make more sense. My goal to learn more about coaching leadership style will help for upcoming reviews. If I decide to make any changes into management in the future, knowing and understanding everything about coaching leadership style will benefit the organization and my abilities in a management position.

"Coaching is a learning and development strategy to enhance individual and organizational performance, support succession planning, and help leaders make successful transitions," (McNally & Cunningham, 2010). The article describes coaching leadership style and benefits that particular leadership style benefits employer and employee. A coach stimulates the other person to learn and encourages achievement. A coach helps to create new thinking and exploring goals and achievements and improvements. Coaching does take more time than other leadership styles but the outcomes are worth the extra time. It helps to produce the long term outcomes that are wanted by spending less time with crisis situations. By coaching others, they can create their own solutions and act on them. This article describes coaching leadership in an easy to understand way. The articles provided examples when coaching can be used. This article helped me by giving information I need to achieve my SMART goal of learning and understanding coaching leadership style.

In researching credible websites associated with the coaching leadership development, I found one called Leadership Coaching Inc. at This website details information regarding coaching leadership style. The website has different articles like "How to respond when someone brings you a problem" and "Should you apologize?" and "One word to avoid during conflicts." This website provides pertinent information needed in fully understanding coaching leadership style.

The informational expert I chose to discuss my goals, provide me information and/or ideas on



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