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Leadership Self

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Leadership Self-Analysis

Supposedly, when you take a self-assessment it is to show you things about yourself. The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) self-assessment is a tool designed to show one's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their leadership skills. Some of the self-assessments will even give you suggestions on how to improve yourself. One should be able to look at the self-assessment with an open mind and take it all like an adult. I will look at the leadership self assessment that I took.

I will start by saying I do not agree with the results. I work in electricity company where we build power substation. When you are producing you are not leading informally or formally every day. The LPI self-assessment wanted you to answer the questions based on how you are everyday. Given the questions and my everyday routine they did not correlate all that much.

I am an informal leader on the division because we do have our division manager who is the division leader. As an informal leader you can cheer your peers on and tell them "good job" and so on. My division has run into some issues with our team and some of them seem to be jealous. I hear how I am the favorite on the division, I do nothing, and I know nothing. They try to play it off as if they are joking but I know it is not intended that way nor do I take it that way. Because of this, I have changed my way doing things and that is why I signed the backup bid to be a material handler. Our division is actually the only division in our department that can build 380 kV power substation by itself and does not require a division leader to be there. This is because of me because my old division leader taught me his whole job so when he was not there we could still get things done.

When filling out the LPI self-assessment I answered it out on how I am day to day. When I was in management and a formal leader, I did do things different. This is why I do not agree with the results on the assessment. All five areas showed me as being in the bottom with my highest score being a 50 and that was for the enable of others to act. The one area that I thought should be higher is model the way. I know when I was a manager of a gas station when I was in college, whatever was required of the employees was also required of me. For instance, they had to wear their shirt with the station logo in and so did I. Other station managers would still not wear in their shirts. I did not think I was above them and if the company or I expected it of them then I felt it should be expected of me. This including how we were dressed, where we parked, when we were able to get our checks, talking to the customers. I would have employees tell me how they liked knowing that if I would not ask something of them if I did not expect it out of me. When they went and worked at other stations and saw that those managers would have a set of rules



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