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Business Leadership Project

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Chapter 1

1. The science of vital and social statistics is called demography. Birth, death, diseases, and marriages are examples of demography and they will impact Canadian businesses by changing the needs of people from different age group.

2. Government can give easy-payback loans to reasonable businesses and encourage the creation of public and private wealth.


* The legal and regulatory environment

* The economic environment

* The technological environment

* The competitive environment

* The social environment

* The global environment

4. Making other tweens spend more money mostly on electronics and things that they don't really need (i.e. cell phones, handheld player devices, gaming consoles, playing cards, etc.)

They overload themselves with the products they don't really need and don't leave more money and room for upgrades and newer versions.

Getting the habit of spending money with no management over it and not saving.

5. BSC is where products go from a business or a company straight to customers such as cell phones but B2B is where the products go from a business to other businesses such as photocopying machines. B2B is more important because everyone can benefit from a good working business.

6. Sole proprietorship is the type of business where there is only one owner and responsible person. It is very popular because small businesses are mostly successful and the owner wants to benefit from years o hard work. It is also not ideal for grown businesses because taking all the responsibility and paying all the taxes, no matter how much the company makes, is not a job that can be done alone.

7. Limited partner means one of the partners has paid less than the other, which means there is less benefits and also less responsibility for that person. General partner means partners have paid equal amount of invests and have the exact equal benefits and responsibilities upon the company(s).

8. Size is an advantage in business because more can be done and the results can be sold to other nations. It can also be a disadvantage because there is more to take care of and more responsibility which requires the employer(s) to hire more employees.

9. Franchising has been such a success because branch owners don't start the business from scratch. The business is a well-grown and well-known business that is being sold to people as branches to continue the growth of the business under the supervision of the head offices and inspectors.

10. Experience:



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