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Leadership Skills

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Leadership Skills

The most valuable part of the Partnering and Preparing for Professionalism event is the learning of qualities and skills needed to mould an authentic leader. For my growth as a leader, I would commit myself into integrating self knowledge, accountability and transparency in my leadership. I would need self knowledge to understand the law of the land and the lifestyle of the people I will be managing. Self knowledge would also play a role in the making of important decisions that affect the people. Accountability will be necessary when working with finances, and also on my leadership team where every individual will be held accountable for his/her actions according to the constitution. Many leaders are brought down by corruption and other illegal activities, and hence my leadership will be as transparent as possible to avoid such cases. Transparency will be enhanced by involving the public in most of our under takings.

In the article 'What's your story?' A life-stories approach to authentic leadership development by Shamir and Eilam (2005), the life-story of a leader is what defines him/her as being authentic or not. I have seen and read of many leaders who are born from royal families and hence automatically gain leadership. However, in my life Mahatma Gandhi and his stories has had a positive impact on my self concept of leadership. He always worked in the interest of truth no matter what opposition he faced. The lessons from the event have also positively impacted me to strive to live a straight and honest self-life, and hence it was a mind opener. I will use the teachings on self-life to develop myself as an authentic leader and to use my experience as a learning tool in leadership.



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