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Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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Essay Preview: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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DeVry University

Keller Graduate School of Management

Brief Proposal of Research


Gbolade O. Soneyin

MGMT-591-61198 Leadership & Org Behavior

Professor John Poore

Friday, November 7, 2014

MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Project Proposal

Overview of Organization

The organization that will be at the center of my final project is the Fulton County Government. Fulton County operates under the commission-county manager type of government. This is the system of local government that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a commission or other governing body, with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager. The commission meets in regular biweekly meetings, on the first Wednesday and the third Wednesday, the county citizens may tune in to Fulton County's government access channel, FGTV, for live coverage.

I currently work in the Information Technology department as an Information System Analyst III. I joined the County in May of 2010, and it has been a great opportunity and I am enjoying my time so far. This is the organization I have worked with the longest thus far, I usually change job every 3-4 years. I work with many individuals that tells me stories of how things used to be, stories that seems to be things of the past and we might never experience again.

Problem Statement

I am not naïve, as a governmental organization, I know that Fulton County is unique compare to most organizations, but I think the high performing organization (HPO) should not be limited to private organizations alone. My paper will attempt to analyze what has made many key individuals abruptly leave the organization, either internationally or forced to do so. Will also explore what could be done that could once again make the county an HPO.

TCO Or Topic Relation

This research paper will relate to the terminal course objectives D; given the knowledge of group dynamics and decision-making, I will like to apply what I learn in this class to a case analysis, diagnose Fulton County’s problems and recommend solutions.



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