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Leadership – the Issue of Leadership and Inherent Persona

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Essay Preview: Leadership – the Issue of Leadership and Inherent Persona

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Leadership – The issue of leadership and inherent persona


The styles of leadership had continuously been review and criticised based on current issues in the world. It noted that effectiveness in leadership has to do with the perception of attaining goals. (Mahdinezhad, et al., 2013)

Does a leadership style adopt an element of success? Alternatively, it is that a leader takes several methods in various situations to be successful. Does inherent personality play an essential part of success? Most of these questions answered through historical research. However, most theorists centred towards styles adopted and how they relate them to the leader's victories.

The purpose of the research to determine when the theories of leadership applied or whether a person can be a successful leader without being identified too with a particular style of leadership, or is there a situational trigger that creates flexibility of distinct approaches to different situations?

Theoretical overview of leadership styles and personalities.

The natural inherent personality and character can be harnessed and directed to ensure an individual becomes a successful leader and overtime; he adopts an approach of flexible decision-making strategy to fit every situation at all-time rather than him accept and adapt to a specific style of leadership his entire life.

There exist several schools of thoughts and theories about leaders and leadership styles. Being a famous leader is the role that everyone aspires to be. However, the process of one becoming a prosperous leader has to do a lot with the fundamental character, personality and environment. One can associate themselves with a specific leadership style or styles due to several factors such as role models, mentorship or identify with great leaders in history. Distinctive leadership styles adopted in today’s business, politics and environment.

The situational expected outcome can prove that there is a normal transitional phase of leadership styles from one style says a transactional leader, to mention a transformational leadership style as one faced with making critical decisions on the best possible outcome.

It can attribute that there is no one single approach to leadership and that personality trait plays an essential role for a successful leader in the 21st-century business environment.

Adopting a style or several styles can be the function of a secondary nature of the individual based on the most recent information received and the current situation.

The characteristics of a leader – necessary and efficient in a group or a situation can be different from another leader, in a different environment. A person, who has real leadership qualities, as an employee in an active organisation, will prove reduced ability in a less structured organisation, a more democratic one. (Raducan & Raducan, 2014).

Today’s business environment is inherent in different cross-cultural workforce settings. There is a constant interchanged of the workforce due to specialists and skills across industries and countries.

A leader with one centred approach in leadership style will find it harder to navigate in a cross-cultural work setting. Therefore, creating an adaptive work culture that is more open and tolerable will be efficient, and that has to do with the available knowledge about the people and learning the leader can harness and not the style he adopted will be the key to ensuring quality work and outcomes.

Understanding the organisational culture has to play a critical role in the reaching a successful journey. The essences of quality in work culture are vital to organisations that are employees and customers focused. With diverse, multicultural settings, a leadership role should be flexible to appreciate the how workers



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