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Leading People

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promote confidence among colleagues to engage with change

Promoting confidence among colleagues to engage with change within organization is the way in which you have to promote the colleagues so they don't think like they are being working to hard or there is no value of them with changes within organization some ways to promote them are, Motivation.

Training- Is training ever finished? Can you possibly overstrain? For whatever reasons, too many people feel that training is good and new learning or they only need a little training. But training never ends. Schedule "tune- up" training sessions. These should be led by you or by a supervisor with help from specific employees who show a particular strength in the skills taught. I know this takes time, but these types of training sessions will continually enhance the performance of your people and the productivity of your business and this promote confidence among the colleagues and they feel they have more to offer in the organization as there are some change with in the organization as there is new training

Additional responsibility- There is definitely colleagues in your organization who are begging for and can handle additional responsibility. The managers job is to identify who they are and if possible match responsibilities to their strengths and desires. Additional

responsibility helps the colleagues to feel they are being appreciated for the work they are doing in a changed organization

Encourage participation of the colleagues within the organization, the colleagues will have more confidence and trust among the other colleagues when they are more participative and they would feel more confident and more valued as the organization have a trust on them as they are being more participative and there ideas are being valued.



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