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Learning Experience in Class

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Learning is a comprehensive, transformative, and holistic activity that integrates academic learning and student development. Some students are naturally enthusiastic about learning, but many like me need inspiration and motivation. To contribute to the learning experience in class, I would need to keep a positive mindset, participate in class discussion, and come to class prepared among others.

Keeping a positive mindset no matter what transpires in class is one way I can contribute to the learning experience in class. It is easy to be doubtful of ones abilities especially in the face of adversity or in times of trouble. By keeping a positive mindset and calming myself down whenever I feel lost, I will be able to everything in one at a time. This will also help me edge myself to do better.

Although is sometimes difficult to talk in class or to contribute to discussions in class, I will do my best to participate in class discussion and also in class activities. Even if I disagree with what is being discussed, I will be respectful of my fellow students at all times. I will also allow others to take their turn during discussions whenever I over participate.

To contribute to the learning experience in class, I will come to class on time and prepared by doing all my assignments and also make sure that I have everything I might for the class. By doing this, I will not disgrace myself whenever I am asked a question. In turn, my ego will not be buried and my confidence will not be shattered. But rather, my confidence will boost knowing that I am up to the task ahead.



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