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My Learning Experience

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Essay Preview: My Learning Experience

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ZyQuona McGill

Mrs. Decker- English IV

November 25, 2011

My Learning Experience

When I first had the assignment brought to my attention, about completing the Senior Project I was both nervous and lost. I had to find time to make sure I had everything turned in on time. Since I was going through a lot of problems outside of school, which caused many conflicts and took a great deal of my time made it hard for me to manage my time. Between going in and out of the hospital, moving a great deal and having a lot of make up work from my regular classes I had to find a way to finish my project. I was inspired because some of my problems could benefit to my research of immigration's pros and cons.

Living with many immigrants and having many immigrant friends I began to try to use the information to my benefit. To my great advantage I am very fluent in speaking Spanish so I was able to translate many of the stories and information I gathered to English. Many of my friends parents either have been deported because of immigration laws, or put in jail, so this inspired me to want to learn more about immigration laws, and do something to help immigrants, their families.

Once I began to prepare for my project, I had to think about many possible obstacles I could run into such as funds, if I was going to be able to rent a building, are there going to be enough guest,would I have a DJ and would my speaker be able to attend the event. With help of Facebook, my mentor Jesslie Islas, and DJ Yunior, I was able to pull the event off.

I learned to set up an event, set my priorities, and talk in front of people. I was pleased with the turn out of people and the money we made, my speaker Ingrid Cruz, was able to speak both Spanish and English to my guest,so we were able to to reach out to both groups of people.



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