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Learning Style

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I am going to discuss my preferred method of learning, also called a learning style. I believe that people do prefer to learn in a certain manner, but are capable of learning in many styles rather than just the one preferred. I used two different websites answering numerous questions, which gave me some results showing which learning style I preferred. For the most part I agreed with the outcome, but found some interesting, and contradicting information.

The first site I used gave me a numerical score from 1-20 for seven different learning styles. I scored the highest in the solitary learning style that states I prefer to work alone, and dislike groups ( 2004). Yet coming in one point below the solitary style was social and physical. A social learning style is more of one where the person enjoys learning in a group setting, and roleplaying ( 2004). A Physical learning style is a more hands on approach to learning, using physical objects when available ( 2004). How can someone's learning style be social, and solitary? The crazy part is I agree with the outcome of these scores even though it seems like these learning styles are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

I have always known I learn best with a hands-on approach. I like to see how things work, or have a physical demonstration. If I am reading directions I like looking at a map or having a diagram of what it is I need to learn. As a child, and young adult I did enjoy working in groups, and I am a very social person. I think that as I have aged, and taken more online courses I have grown to adapt and enjoy a solitary learning environment. The second online questionnaire I took showed I was a sensing learner which basically goes along with the physical learning style of hands on learning, but also mentions this type of learner tends to enjoy more factual information (Felder & Soloman, n.d.).

I enjoy learning, and this is the main reason I decided to further my education with an online degree. As I mentioned already one of my preferred ways to learn is in a solitary learning style so online learning works well for me. I am looking at a second chance for a career in life now that I retired from the military, and with the economy I felt it was so important to have as much education possible to compete in the work place. Besides, who doesn't have room for improvement or the need to learn a few more things!

When it's my choice I prefer self-help books versus fairy tail fictions. I recently had an art class where I struggled a bit at first because I'm not a theoretical person, but I went to my professor who helped me find the facts in art, and turn them into my thoughts. I am a social person who enjoys being around others, but I also very much need my alone time. Taking these questionnaires and learning more about my preferred methods of learning



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