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Learning Styles

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Learning Styles

To improve my less developed areas of intelligence there are some things that I am going to work on. For my visual intelligence I am going to start using colored pens to make notes in the margins of the things I am reading. For my Naturalistic intelligence I am going to take my children camping more often. I do not necessarily feel that the Naturalistic intelligence is something that I need to fully develop.

I think that by taking notes in the margins of the readings and interacting on the class forums is the best way for me to function in a distance learning environment. I tend to read fast and then will go back and re-read and make notes in the margins. By re-reading the material and making notes the second time I catch things I might have otherwise missed.

I think that if you know your learning strength and also know your classmates learning strengths that you can put together groups of people that will benefit each other when doing a project. If for instance someone is very good at organizing the material in a way that everyone can understand is put with someone who has problems with organization that could help both students.

I also belive in the online learning environment people with different strengths will complement each other in a discussion about any number of things. One person's way of thinking will incite someone else to have an idea and start a conversation that would not have been started if not for the different personalities and learning styles.



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