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My Learning Style

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Essay Preview: My Learning Style

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Just as everyone is different and unique, our methods of learning are no different. There are many ways someone can more readily gain knowledge and learn new concepts. Everyone has their own personal preference and style of going about learning new things. I however have found out that I learn more effectively and efficiently and actually by hearing it said by my instructors or by myself reading out loud the information. Life is full of learning and retaining new concepts and information, so it can be safely said that finding out one's learning style is extremely important. I have found that being in auditory learner, there are some limitations. For example, since it is vital that I hear information to absorb and retain information, I need to read it and say the words out loud. I have found that by viewing the information and highlighting certain sections that are important beneficial when it comes to learning new things, it certainly certain a little "eye candy" and a well-deserved break from all the black and white.

On the matter of taking breaks, I have found that they help majorly and allow me time to process the information without overloading and confusing myself. While cramming information like for an exam may work sometimes, I have found that I learn less and I get a really bad headache. Another way of learning is to make flash cards with key words and their definitions or important subjects and their summaries. Flashcards build and test your skill to see what you have retained. Yet, the most important thing about learning something is what environment you are in. When I am learning many things can distract me. My friends or loud music, sadly have distracted me and taken away my focus before. So what I have found that has greatly helped me is sitting up front in the classroom where my eyes won't stray from the teacher. I also will also sit away from my friends or simply tell them to silence themselves because I am trying to learn. When it comes to the environment I study in that needs to be silent as a library hall, but sometimes if I feel too much solitude I will turn on music but only where it can barely be heard in the background.

There are so many ways important factors that can affect how one learns either positively or negatively. So take the time to get to know yourself and one's habits and what is beneficial and not to us. By taking the time and effort to do this, you will only maximize yourself and give yourself better opportunities. Thanks for taking the time to figuring out what gets the juices flowing in my brain, I have found my grades are higher and I more confidence in what I am learning that I will know this information like the back of my hand. Learning is a lifelong process that will take practice and skill to perfect, so enjoy it while you do it because you will be doing for the rest of your life.



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