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Legality of Abortions

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Essay Preview: Legality of Abortions

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I believe that abortions should be permissible by choice within the United States. Abortions should not be made illegal in the United States because they "help" people who are "better off" without a child at that moment. There are many instances in which this can occur. Women should have the majority of the say-so when it comes to their bodies and their bodily choices. Also the government should not be able to deny a woman an abortion, though they should be able to admit certain consequences for the actions of a woman, depending upon the situation.

One situation that an abortion should be permissible in is in the occurrence of a rape that led to the victim being impregnated. If the mother is forced to have a baby that she was wrongfully impregnated with, it could lead to many different problems within the mother child relationship. For instance if the born child was to grow up and look like its father the mother could have painful recollections of the incident, and this could lead to the mother developing a hate for the child and mistreating it. The child could then not receive the adequate love it requires and grow up to be another mentally disturbed citizen. This would also lead to another addition to the number of "broken homes" in the U.S.

Also there are unfit people who could not fill the proper shoes a parent would need to. Whether they are financially unstable or just mentally not prepared to. If someone is financially unstable then they should not have to have and raise a child that they would not be able to suitably support. With abortions remaining legal a mother would be able to cancel her impregnation until she is able to provide and support herself a child of hers.

Teen pregnancies are increasing by the year, and placing burdens upon those involved in their lives. Abortions have supported the bettering of the lives of teens that have gotten pregnant, by allowing them to continue to live their lives upon their planned track of life. For example, a star basketball player who may have gotten pregnant and was going to sit her senior year on the team out, could have the opportunity to get an abortion and then continue to remain in the spotlight, and go on to be a professional basketball player. When she would have had to take another route due to her unexpected pregnancy.

An abortion could also be permissible in the situation to save the mother's life. If for example, the birthing of a child at a given time would lead to the death of the mother, then the mother should have the option to not have the baby. It is a right of hers to have her body not used in any way that she doesn't please it to be used. Birth control could help with this issue. More widely available birth control could aid in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and thus lower the number of abortions being needed. The ingenious act of providing birth control to more teenagers would



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