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Legalization of Marijauna

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Alcohol and marijuana are two drugs commonly abused in the United States. Alcohol is the number one legally abused drug, while marijuana is number one among illegal drugs. However, just because alcohol is legal doesn't mean that it is better for you, because the truth is the effects of alcohol are far greater on the body than smoking marijuana. There can be many arguments on which are better and which should be legal and which shouldn't.

The effects of alcohol can be devastating; it is a mind altering drug that used among many Americans. When you consume alcohol, your judgment becomes impaired, your vision becomes blurry, and if you drink over the legal blood alcohol content it could end in fatality. Sure when you have a few drinks, you become social, relaxed, and your mood increases however, the alcohol damages the body itself. By drinking too much your body begins to shut down, you could experience life-threatening respiratory depression, decreased heart rate, and possible alcohol poisoning. The effects of marijuana are far less life threatening.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana has some effects to the human body, but do not lead to death. The worst effects are it increases you chance of schizophrenia or possible depression. However there have been five countries, Canada, and fifteen US states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. There aren't any harmful effects with this type of drug, so why keep it illegal. The fatality number for overdose in marijuana is 40,000:1 while alcohol causes more than 23,000 deaths per year. So which is worse? Personally we should make marijuana legal, then less people will be imprisoned and possibly we will have world peace. With as many people who smoke cannabis, we should all come together to fight for the legalization of marijuana.



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