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Legalize It All - Herb Sinsemillia

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In the article “Legalize it all “. Herb Sinsemillia argues and states that if drugs corporations can make and sell drugs than banned narcotics like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, hashish and heroin etc. should be allowed to sold or bought legitimately resulting in reduced crime and good economy. However, I completely disagree with his opinion as they are totally emotional and naïve as he is not thinking about the aftereffect effect of narcotics which can destroy lives, families and even countries.

Crime has no limit: In todays world crime doesn’t have a limit, so thinking of controlling it by making narcotics legitimate is not possible. Thinking it like this if narcotics are freely sold than the people who are into this business of selling them illegally will have no one to ask and they can easily use this money for terrorism.

Narcotics causing death: As we know everything when taken in large amount can be dangerous. So the people who are into these things who were firstly taking it low or in small amount, now will have free hand in taking it. And as we know taking narcosis in large amount can led to mental instability and some times death.

Drug corporations saving lives:  Drug corporations today are making drugs and selling it to save lives of people as there are many diseases and health problems which needs use of drugs to ease body pain. So, by comparing drugs made by the pharmaceutical companies and by the drugs lord is totally the work of an ignorant person. As one-use drugs to help people, whereas the other one use it to create and spread terrorism.

Conclusion: As conclusion I think author is right at the point that if selling of drugs is legalize than government can gets taxes from the drugs lords which could help the economy but thinking it as only one profitable thing. As we all know that use of drugs takes the most precious thing from us that is our life.



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