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Lego Group

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The LEGO Group, a family-owned toy manufacturing company, was established by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. With a long history of almost one century, the enterprise expanded from a small carpenter’s workshop in Billund, Denmark to the world’s largest toy manufacturer in more than 130 countries.The name of “LEGO” was derived from the Danish word“leg godt”, meaning“play well”. It reflects the mission and vision statement of the LEGO Group to inspire children to learn as well as develop through playing. Children should be able to think creatively and fulfill their potential to shape their future life. The company aims at helping the youngsters to develop new ways of playing. It is not only concentrates on the products themselves, but also emphasizes on realizing the human possibility.

Targeting the young, the company invents and develops new ideas into its products. The LEGO Group set up the production solely based on wooden toys in the early years. Afterwards, the company expanded its business of producing plastic bricks. The LEGO brick is one of the significant innovative products as the interlocking principle with its tubes provides children with unlimited building possibilities by using their imagination. Several decades later, the products built in the LEGO Group focused on a story or theme. In the 1990’s, the LEGO Group became one of the world’s leading toy companies due to several initiatives, such as the website and the use of robot technology in the LEGO MINDSTORMS® products. Today, the LEGO Ambassador Network, LEGO Certified Professionals and LEGOLAND Park serve as a community social network to provide customers with the opportunities for communication platforms worldwide.

The LEGO Group has the responsibility agenda in a daily operation. First, the company plays a vital role in providing children with exciting LEGO experiences that develop creative thinking and analytical thinking that they need to create a bright life. In addition, the LEGO Group monitors the whole production through materials selection, design and development, especially for chemistry risk control, to promise the safe play experience. Besides taking responsibilities for the customers, the LEGO Group sets goals to achieve a positive environmental impact to reduce carbon emissions and materials waste.



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