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Members of Groups That Separate Themselves from Society Are Less Free

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Essay Preview: Members of Groups That Separate Themselves from Society Are Less Free

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Groups that separated themselves from society may cause the members to be less free. They need to sacrifices their true identity to be a part in the group. Furthermore, they are restricted in the rule and tradition in the group. However, when you are used one of the group, you will get the sense of belonging and feel free.

You may forces to change your own characteristic to make you fit into a group. There are many and different types of groups will be linked with our live, such as social, education, religious and more. An individual will experience the struggling time period between their true identity and the identity they have created in their attempt to meet the expectations of the group. This is the time that you need to sacrifices to be in a group. When someone is worried to be excluded from a group, then they have to create a new identity to make them more included. As my personal experience, I feel being alienated when I was firstly came to my new school. Everything is new around me and no one gave me some attention. I even had the feeling that I might disappear from people's view without being noticed. That is the time that I think I should make myself to be a part of the school. I need to use to the rule and how people communicate in the school. You will totally be included in a group when you have the personality that brings you in.

From the Film Witness, the Amish community who lived in the outskirt of the country have fewer opportunities to show their reality and get know about the issues happening on the spot. They are restricted in many ways, they do not have the chance to learn about the new technology and use it. In the other hand, although they no need to follow the way of the society, but they still have lots of old tradition and law to obey. In the film, Rachel is not allowed to fall in love with John Book because he is an English man and this will go against the Amish rule. She does not even have rights to choose who will be her lovers. Besides, every big decision is needed to discuss with the whole community but not only decide by the person involved. When you are not able to make your own decision, then where is your freedom?

The Amish who lives out of a part of the society is not bound by the values and believes of society. Although they may be restricted in their rule, but they can said to be mentally free. The Amish have a free life which they like to be. They can do whatever they want and maintain their peaceful life. People typically choose to involve themselves in a group in order to feel accepted and to attain a sense of security and this is I think about Amish. The feeling of acceptance provides their self-esteem with a huge boost that makes them more confident and feels free in their mind. They enjoy the style of their living, and they love the way they act. The film Witness has shown the sense of freedom and belonging by showing the Amish life.




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