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Lens Inventory

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After reviewing my result of the Ethical Lens Inventory, I personally agree with it. There are some areas where I can improve I must admit, but it is just a reflection of who I am and whom I've become. I think that this activity is great because it allows you to see your values. In this paper, there will be a discussion about my strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots that were results from the Ethical Lens Inventory, my definition of what personal ethics means, and an explanation of a scenario.

According to my results, I use my reasoning skills (rationality) to determine my duties as well as the universal rules that each person should follow (autonomy). What I get from this statement is that I am a strong leader and will do what I have to do to get the job done even if I have to delegate tasks to others that I may not be able to complete. My strength or gift would be self-knowledge; I always try to keep my word no matter what. I feel that if I do not follow through with what I promised I was going to do I feel like I have not only failed that individual but failed myself. My blind spot is belief that motive justifies method. There are times that I can be one sided and that is something that I am trying to fix because there have been times that my one sidedness has caused me to lose some good friends. My weakness or risk is being autocratic. Again this falls in line with my one sidedness; there are times that if my staff does not do tasks the way that I do them I tend to get very upset.

If I were to define personal ethics, I would have to say that it means your personal beliefs, values, and morals. Personal ethics are developed and learned throughout an individual's lifetime; just because I may think that something is right does not meant that the next person will believe or feel the same. Applying personal ethics in the workplace can be difficult if you are working with people with different morals or values than your own. I try to apply my personal ethics in the workplace by trying to reinforce my own concepts as well as trying to understand someone else's concepts or personal ethics.

The scenario I chose was being offered another job. Being a supervisor I can relate to this situation because there have been times when employees have been offered better positions that needed to start immediately and it has happened to me before. In a situation like this, I would tell the new employer that I would not be able to start that position until I gave my two weeks with my current employer. If they were not able to hold that position then the position was not meant for me to have. It is never good to leave an employer shorthanded because you will never know if you are going to have to return to that position again. By doing what is right shows that you have respect for that employer and it is always good to leave on good terms.



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