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Let's Move and Get Involved

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Let's Move and Get Involved

Should parents be held accountable for their child's health? Today's parents are so busy and many work long hours. They are relying more on fast food and meals on the go. Most parents are forgetting about the importance of good nutrition. This advertisement from the Ad Council is encouraging an awareness to end childhood obesity. The ad discloses a picture of a little girl in front of her father holding a calendar. The calendar said "Today Is, Toss a Ball Tuesday" in bold letters. The issue is so important, that the first lady is now partnered with let's Both departments of agriculture and health human services are good resources for parents to get information about better nutrition for children. This ad is persuasive because it uses ethos, pathos and logos to move the viewer to see the little girl as their own child and to persuade parents to be more active.

Pathos is the primary appeal used in this ad by including a human story, an image and emotionally charged words. This ad is telling a story about a child who needs her parents to get involved by taking a day out of their busy schedule to go outside and play. Having this image of the little girl is going to create compassion and get parents motivated to react. The ad is building pathos by using emotional words like ''help get your child healthy.'' A picture speaks louder than words. Parents can see their children through the young girl in the advertisement. Parents might follow through by sitting in front of TV less and providing healthier meals because they want the same look of happiness on their child.

This ad showed ethos through a good reason. It demonstrated expertise and provided good information and the use of appropriate tone for it audience. The advertisement displays ethos by using of the United States Department of Agriculture and Health Human Services to ensure their audience of their expertise and credibility about childhood obesity. Both of these departments are well trusted when it comes to public health because they are a government agency and it trusted with health information and ways to get children healthy . The ad provides some tips and for parents to get involved. The whole ad exhibited the appropriate tone, not just for parents, but also for children to find ways to engage in outdoor activities. Also, it provided information about ways parents can go online and find ideas to get to keep the child active and also there are nutrition resources.

Logos was minimized in this ad; yet, the Ad Council includes cause and effect and some facts about childhood obesity. The use of logos shows how being inactive can cause a child to be overweight, because being overweight can affect the child's health. Also, the ad provided a website for information. The facts include ways to help your child



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