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Realizing the Dream Through Civic and Community Involvement

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Essay Preview: Realizing the Dream Through Civic and Community Involvement

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Realizing the Dream Through Civic and Community Involvement

There are so many inspiring icons that were very involved in the making of today's history. Such as Martin Luther King Jr. He did not only symbolize as a leader of African Americans but a leader to the people of the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an courageous man with education and faith that drove him to speak up for what he believed in. He believed that not only African Americans should have freedom, but that all Americans should have equal rights and responsibilities. From the Montgomery bus boycott that he led in 1995, to his famous "I Have a Dream" speech he made in Washington in 1963, he has made a better life for Americans in the U.S. now than before. He taught that there is a greater more civilized way to handle negative situations in the community, rather than resulting to violence.

Dr. King's importance to society is way beyond the equal rights of African Americans, but showing that a little involvement in the community can go a long way. He pairs up with several civil rights activists to conduct non violent protest in their local communities. He organized and led many marches for African American rights to education, employment, and the right to vote. He even became the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Dr. Martin Luther King's nonviolence strategies were proven to solve conflicts peacefully and in many cases without any violence from segregationist. The concepts of his teaching were to promote peace among all people regardless of race or religion. Young people on today's society can learn from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that nonviolent protests are the best approach to resolving conflicts. He understood more than most that violence only lead to more violence, making situations worse. Today we can continue living out his legacy by promoting non violence by avoiding fights and other physical contact that may lead to violence. Although everyone deals with anger, we must learn there are other ways to deal with our emotions, and violence is not the answer. We should get involved supporting nonviolent prevention programs in our schools and communities. We should teach that there are more productive ways to resolve bad situations throughout life.



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