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The Move

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36 Alder Ave Brentwood New York was one of the first things I ever learned. What I didn't realize was how much that really meant at the time. It was more than my address, its where my family lived, where I played with my friends, where all my childhood memories were made. My street was the only world I knew that existed, until my father flipped my world upside down. Ocala he said as my family listen on, we're all packing our things and moving to Ocala Florida. My heart dropped as I see the images of my friends, school and my neighborhood rushed through my head. From that moment and on everything changed, now my whole world revolved around the move.

I never forget the day my father set, November 14 2004. It was almost like a nightmare, I feared the day as it got closer and closer. I nor longer could live my normal life. The days of going outside running around on the hot pavement or having a snowball fight on a cold winter day was all coming to a end. On the last day I strolled my neighborhood one last time, to hear the chattering of everyone around and humming of all the busy traffic. I glanced up and stared at the naked trees as I watched the orange crispy leaves fall little by little. I couldn't believe that I would be leaving all of my memories behind.

That night my family finished cramming everything into that tiny red Toyota Camry, the long dreaded day as finally arrived. I gazed at the old brown house one last time, I couldn't help look at everything from the old broken swing set on the side to the fence falling apart at the front. A tear left my eye as I got into the car. As we pull out of the long drive way the old brown house did not leave my sight. Bye New York I mumbled as the house faded into the darkness. Now the nineteen-hour drive.



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