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Moving from Place to Place

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Moving From Place To Place

DeVry University

January 13, 2011

You never know what someone has been through or experienced growing up or as an adult unless you hear their story. Being a child moving from place to place growing up in a household not of either parents has it's positive and, or negative outcome in life.

I myself am a product of this topic. I didn't grow up with neither of my parents. They lived in the same city and I was still raised by someone else. I was three days old when I was given to my maternal grandmother to nurture and love me. My mother was sixteen when she conceived me and seventeen when she delivered me. My father was nineteen when I was conceived and twenty when I was delivered. I guess being young parents the responsibility was too big for either to handle.

My grandmother raised me until I was eleven. During this time my mother got married and had four more children and my father had three more, of course with different people. I have plenty of half siblings. My grandmother became ill in the tenth year of my life. I was too young to realize how serious her illness was. She passed away when I was eleven. This was devastating to me being eleven and being mad at the world because I felt they let god take her away from me. Instead of my mother stepping up to take me in and raise me with the rest of my siblings she didn't want me because I was an outcast from her normal bunch. I was sent to live with my paternal grandmother. I rebelled in school, at home, and I did things just to seek the attention I was used to getting from my other grandmother. I just felt so alone. Here I was with my other grandmother and I had to adjust to her rules and what she expected of me as a child.

I stayed with her for a year and I just felt this wasn't working for me, so I tried to stay with my mother and my stepdad. I didn't take my mother to well. My siblings hated me and all I was trying to do was fit in. My stepfather and I hit it off and he treated me as his own. My relationship with my mother was horrific. She treated me different from the rest of her children. I rebelled against her so I got into juvenile trouble and the judge ruled that I need to live with someone else. My mother's sister and her husband told the judge that I can be released into their custody. He granted this decision. Here I go again trying to adjust with new surroundings with the feeling of grief, abandonment, and not loved like I was when I lived with my grandmother.

After a year I moved in with my paternal grandmother again. I stayed with her until I graduated from high school and join the U.S. Marines.

I grew up



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