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Letter Case

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Dear Self,

If you're reading this it means you've made it through 2013. Today is January 3, 2012 at12:20 AM. Currently you are huddled in the back bedroom at Nannie's under three levels of blankets trying to stay warm. You just got your brand new 2013 Hyundai Elantra and are completely ecstatic about it. So, I thought it would be nice to lay out your goals for 2013 early on to see where you are now that it is December 31 and a new year is on its way. For starters, you started 2012 with a new "start" with Bryan, hoping those things that caused the breakup would fix themselves in time. As I sit writing this now, I know that things haven't been fixed and I suspect that you are no longer with Bryan, but I have faith that you will maintain a close friendship with him. 2013 should be an awesome year for you if things turned out how you hoped. You are currently waiting to see if you get an interview from Duke and then later an acceptance. I really think you achieved this goal because of a friend, a friend who I hope at this point has finally become more than a friend. New Year's 2013 was spent getting drunk for the first time, making new friends, and realizing the person you had loved for 4 years but had never gotten the chance to know. I suspect that you stuck things out with Bryan until you heard about Duke and let this new adventure in your life usher out your relationship. New Years was filled with the newly revived hope that your life was going to change. Standing in the kitchen with Ryan, there was a soft air of confidence in his voice when he spoke about how your life would change that meant so much more than just gaining acceptance into Duke. For 4 years there has been distance, excuses, and people in the way of ever truly gaining the opportunity to finally get to know Ryan and see if there could be more. I only pray that you are sitting close to him now and pointing at this letter and smiling saying, "come look at what I wrote about me and you a year ago." However, if you're sitting there alone or with a completely different guy then this part could be a little awkward and embarrassing. Nevertheless, you take your CNA recertification on the 4th and hopefully begin work at WakeMed. If you're still at Harris Teeter or Smoothie King you are a failure and you suck at life, but this might be a reality if your don't get into Duke and instead go to Wake Tech. I want so much to see a glimpse into the future and to know what it's like already. I truly feel that Duke would offer up so many avenues for you to be happy because you would finally get to help people. I'm so sick just sitting here thinking about all the things I want to do this year and how they all are determined by your acceptance. Going out of the country, challenging yourself, getting hurt and falling in love like you're supposed to, living out of your comfort zone and



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