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Letter Case

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In the letter from California Teachers Association (CTA) by Jackie Gatlin, she express the case of how public teachers are being unfairly treated. California Casualty explain how disadvantage teachers have been with the "layoffs", and "cutbacks" which is why they are trying to compromise with the teacher's salary. Teachers are being over charged for car insurance, when in reality they are the safest drivers out here. Jackie writes a friendly letter to her fellow teachers while using the rhetorical details such as juxtaposition, loaded diction, and alteration.

To continue convinving teachers, juxtaposition used to figure out the difference between CTA from other car insurance. She starts of by saying "the answer is simple." Expresses that "Gieco", "Allstate", and "State Farm" are "cookie-cutter plans..." word as in "deserve" says alot about CTA and how it can not compare with other car insurance.

Gatlin uses loaded diction to convince teachers that the CTA will benefit them highly. Words such as "angry", "cutbacks", "demands", and "overcharged" are used to help encourage the teachers of how they are being unfairly treated. At the end of the letter she repeats there benefits to finish pursuading the teacher with the words "enjoy."

She uses alliteration in her letter to repeat the advantages of the CTA to offer the teachers. "because" are used throughout the list to classify the various beneficials. It does not just list benefits but also list specifically benefits for teachers.

In conclusion, Jackie Gatlin writes this letter to convince teachers into buying there insurance. She states how she will work around there working schedule. CTA gives teachers benefits and discounts.



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