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Parents Should Make Career Choices for Their Children (in Favour) Essay

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Essay Preview: Parents Should Make Career Choices for Their Children (in Favour) Essay

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It's important, secondly, to realise that doing whatever pleases you for a living does not in fact guarantee a living. The cold, harsh truth is that people who make it big in unconventional jobs are rare, and have worked hard over many years to get where they got to. I don't deny that not being able to turn your passion into a profession is frustrating, but somewhere a balance has to be struck between what one wants to do and what one has to do.

Finally, not every case is a case of a parent forcing a child to give up a dream job for the sake of a better-paying job. There are cases of parents restricting their sons and daughters to certain lesser-paying jobs for reasons like stability, job environment, and separation from family, distance from home, etc. So we should keep in mind that for many parents, it's not all about the money, either.

When a business invests large sums of money into a new project, they know that it's a long-term commitment. They know that this money can't just be pulled out on a mere whim. In much the same way, deciding which career to pursue, and thus what education to get, is a long-term choice. If you realise soon after you start working that your dream job isn't all that you dreamed of, and that it's the only thing you're equipped to do as a result of your education, you are in a tight spot. This again is where a parent can help you out, as an experienced adviser.

While I would not advocate the concept of the parents' word being iron-clad, their opinion must be taken into account.



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