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Linkedin and Microsoft Deal Summary

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Essay Preview: Linkedin and Microsoft Deal Summary

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Linkedin value proposi8on

Linkedin’s mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more produc9ve and successful

They offer various solu8ons to enable people to do 3 things :

Stay connected and informed

The core social network Mobile apps Content : Pulse, Influencers,, Slideshare, API

Advance their career

Jobs Company Pages University Pages Learning (lynda)

Work smarter

Linkedin recruiter Linkedin sales professionals Linkedin Premium for

professionals Freelance

Brief history

2003 S Launch of Linkedin

2004 S Adress book uploads, accelera8on of growth

2005 S Introduc8on of jobs and subscrip8ons

2006 S launch of public profiles + core features (people you may know)

2009 S Arrivée de Jeff Weiner

2011 S Linkedin becomes a publicly traded company

2012 S complete redesign of the website + acquisi8on of Slideshare

2013 S introduc8on of Pulse 2015 S acquisi8on of Lynda

Business Model

Linkedin has a diversified business model with 3 major line of business :

Talent Solu9ons

Hiring :

LinkedIn Corporate Solu8ons (Referral, career pages...)

Linkedin Job Pos8ngs

Recruiter Lite

Job Seeker

Learning & Development :

Marke9ng Solu9ons

Sponsored Updates / Linkedin Ads Elevate (sponsored content) Sponsored Inmails

Premium Subscrip9ons

Individual Subscrip8ons Sales Solu8ons Profinder (freelancing)

Compe88ve landscape

Linkedin has a lot of compe8tors globally and locally in every line of business

Networking Direct compe9tors

Other social Networks or tools with professional use

Recrui9ng Classic job boards

Innova9ve job sites

Recrui9ng firms

Learning & publishing

Sales Solu9ons

Key numbers


200+ countries 433M+ members (+20% yoy) 105M+ MAU (+10% yoy) 50k+ university pages 7M+ ac8ve job lis8ngs


60% traffic from mobile (+50% yoy) 45B quarterly page views (+34% yoy) 7M+ ac8ve job lis8ng (+100% yoy)

Key numbers

Linkedin has 400 M members but only 100M are monthly ac8ve, placing it behind the other major social networks.

Key financials

120 243 522 78.5 81.6 84.4 S3 20 26 S2.8 8.1 4.9 S4 15 12 — 0.17 0.11

972 1,529 87.1 86.7 57 48 5.8 3.1

22 27 0.19 0.23

2,219 86.8

36 1.6

2,991 86.0

3,214 86.1

2009P12 2010P12 2011P12 2012P12 2013P12 2014P12 2015P12 TTM

Revenue USD Mil Gross Margin % Opera9ng Income USD Mil Opera9ng Margin % Net Income USD Mil Earnings Per Share USD

S151 S200

S5.0 S6.2



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