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Liquid Case

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the field of science may soon benefit from a locally produced and more affordable liquid crystal that was recently found useful in measuring radiation doses.

The said liquid crystal, synthesized from canola oil, was used by three students from the manila science high school to test its response to radiation, and n effect find out if it would be an efficient tool in dosimetry, the science of creating devices that measures radiation.

Liquid Crystal are molecular compound that, at some range of temperature, exhibit both the properties of solid and liquid. That is, the order of a solid and the mobility of a liquid information and communication technology from thermometer, cellphone, computer, monitor, and television down to calculate and digital watches. It also takes the from of liquid crystal displays(LCD).

None of local or foreign scientific studies, however, reported such any use of liquid crystals in domestic.

The cholesteric liquid crystal samples were prepared at the liquid crystals lab of UP Diliman national institute of physics. A Polarizing microscope was used to get photomicrographs of the samples, where its granjean texture( a property of liquid crystal) was revealed.

Gamma radiation was chosen among the forms of ionizing radiation for its high penetrative content.

the liquid crystal were found to react by changing color at different levels of radiation doses .

the color change was due to the change in pitch length of the liquid crystalline samples.

The property of cholestic liquid Crystal which represent one full turn of a point on a helical structure. the reflected light that the samples exhibit is proportional to the pitch.

When time comes, we will never to import bulky, heavy, and expensive dosimeters anymore.



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