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Literary Elements

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Literary Elements

plot- the sequence of events in a narrative work

Parts: Exposition-introduction of the character, the setting, and the conflict

Conflict- the central struggle between two opposing forces in a story, or drama

Rising Action- adds complication to the plot leading to the climax

Climax- turning point

Falling Action- logical result resulting from climax

climax- turning point

internal conlfict- a struggle that takes place w/in the mind of the character who is torn between opposing feelings,desires, or goals

external conflict- exists when a character struggles w/ an outside force, such as another person, nature, society or fate

setting- is the time & place in which the events of a literary work occur, includes physical surroundings, ideas, customs, values, & beleifs of a particular time & place

Parts: local color- potrayal of a region's distinctive ways of talking & behaving

mood- emotional feeling of a literary work

characterization- a method a writer uses to reveal the personality of a character

Parts: indirect characterization- the writers reveals a character through the character's words,

thoughts & actions and through what other characters think & say about the character

direct characterization- the writer makes explicit statements about the character

protagonist- the central character around whom the main conflict revolves

antagonist- a person or force that opposes the protagonist

dialogue- conversation between characters in a story-reveals personalities-shows what characters are thinking and feeling

point of view- the standpoint from which a story is told

Parts: 1st person point of view- the narrator is a character in the story and uses the words I

and me

3rd person omniscient point of view- the narrator knows all the thoughts & feelings of

all the characters in the story

3rd person limited point of view- the narrator only knows the thoughts & feelings of



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