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Logistics Management Ups Research Paper

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Recent Inovations etc.

Management Committee

D. Scott Davis

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

David Abney

Chief Operating Officer

David Barnes

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Daniel J. Brutto

President, UPS International

Alan Gershenhorn

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Myron Gray

President, U.S. Operations

Allen E. Hill

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Kurt Kuehn

Chief Financial Officer

Teri Plummer McClure

SVP of Legal Compliance & Affairs, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

John McDevitt

Senior Vice President, Global Transportation Services & Labor Relations

Christine M. Owens

Senior Vice President, Communications and Brand Management

Innovations in management practices.

UPS has always been a leader in technology and management practices. They have not been through very many CEO's in comparison to the lifespan of the company because of the duration of the founder as CEO. Recently UPS has received criticizism because of their management practices. When corporations pay their CEO's big bonuses, it usually gets negative press. "United Parcel Service Inc. Chief Executive Scott Davis was paid $10.7 million in total compensation last year (2010), 72% more than the $6.2 million received in 2009." UPS is stated as saying the increase in compensation is their ongoing effort to link pay to performance.

UPS actually met many of its own performance standards and the company's tock price rose nearly 30% according to the company's proxy statement. UPS said that the $10.7 million includes a $1.2 million change in the estimate of pension value, $1 million in base pay and $232,000 in cash for an annual management-incentive program. The bulk was $7.8 million in stock awards, up from $3.9 million in stock awards in 2009. All this money isn't being handed over for nothing. UPS has reinvented their management incentives so there is more potential, but it has to be earned. If the managers don't reach the standard, their salaries will freeze. "In 2009, the company's board raised the potential pay for the three top officers but performance standards weren't met, and UPS froze all management salaries." UPS did however meet the performance standars according the proxy and the 2011 year is projected to have record earnings.

Technological applications

UPS is one of the most technologically involved companies around. They spend millions of dollars each year to ensure they are the forefront of technology. Their appointed chief information officer is Dave Barnes. They employ 4,442 technology employees with data centers in Mahwah, New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia. This high amount of employment is necessary because of all the technologies the company is involved with. The UPS website has an average of 20.7 million hits per day with a 2010 peak of 29.7 million hits. The high amount of traffic puts their 15,727 serves to use. UPS has won many technology awards including: CIO Magazine: CIO Hall of Fame, 2008 - Dave Barnes, and InformationWeek: Global CIO 50, 2009 - Dave Barnes.

Better tracking system with the website.

200 million miles of green deliveries since 2000 and an estimated double by 2017.

Data Facts from UPS

Environmental and safety measures.

For the large size of UPS, they are one of the safest and best trained companies around. "Training is the cornerstone of safety in UPS's global operations. Last year, we invested more than US$52 million on safety training and nearly 1.3 million hours of safety training for employees. Each year, over 50 different types of formal UPS safety training courses are taught worldwide."

UPS has about 350 management and administrative employees whose job it is to protect the health and safety of the company's workers. There are also over 3,600 CHSP committees that work directly on safety issues in the operation.

Part of the 1.3 million hours of safety training UPS employees participate annually, include Safe Work Methods. UPS Safe Work Methods have been developed to help address the major sources of known risk to our employees. The six methods are:

- Job set-up

- Lifting and lowering

- Slips and falls

- Pushing and pulling

- Powered equipment

- Plan for the unexpected

The following is a list of annual and periodic UPS safety training courses:

* Defensive Driving School and Package Driver Training School

* Co-Chaired Comprehensive Health and Safety Process (CHSP) Workshop

* Safety 101 Workshop

* Accident Investigation Workshop

* Injured Employee Procedure

* Safe Work Methods

* CHSP Overview

* Annual Space and Visibility Ride

* Powered Industrial Truck Operator (PITO) Certification

* Employee Assistance Program

* Respiratory Protection Program

* Hearing Conservation Program

* Designated Responder Trainer Program

* Initial Designated Responder Training

* Recurrent



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