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Research Paper for Diversity

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While being in World History for two quarters I learned about the good things and bad things that went on in history. The five key terms that I was taught was the disadvantages and advantages of the Industrial Revolution, impact of new technology that emerged from the Industrial Revolution, imperialism and its effects on Africa and India, causes and effects of WWI, and the widespread depression that took place in the 1930's and the rise of totalitarian governments. The Industrial Revolution was a period where changes took place in agriculture, textile, manufacture, and transportation. This period was between 1760-1850. Also the revolution had many advantages and disadvantages that changed the way people lived. More thoughts in agriculture increased food supply, and production. Textiles were a very important industry in that period. There was coal mining, iron, and steam. Coal mining was a very difficult process at that time. Coal would be moved horizontally through tunnels, gunpowder was used to fire up the steam to start the coal to move in a specific direction. James Watt invented the steam engine which powered up the steam boat I think. Imperialism had negative and positive effects on Africa and India. In India Imperialism drained their wealth. Prices of the goods in India, which kept the money in India was too high to compete with other countries exported goods. With that being said Britain's manufacturing industry took over their industry. India became very dependent from that down fall. During that time Europeans wanted land that had raw materials, which they needed for their industrial economies.



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