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Looking for Love: In All the Wrong Places

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Essay Preview: Looking for Love: In All the Wrong Places

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Jorgen Arthur

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11 September 2012

Looking For Love: In All the Wrong Places

I've been dating guys since I was 12 years old, though it may not seem serious to others it was to us at the time. Dating life has changed from the fourth grade. From kissing secretly under the tall red slide, to sending dirty pictures to your ex's best friend to get back at him for looking at your best friend in the "wrong way". Though the stressors in a relationship can change there are the things that make a potential "Mr. Right" or "Future Husband" whichever one you are looking for his key characteristics that make the picks get easier. How do you know if he is good for you? The following are the key figures that make Mr. Right a perfect man.

For one thing, physical attractiveness, though it may not be among the most important thing in a relationship it is still a factor. If you don't find a man attractive it is simple, don't go out with him. Although, personality and drive do make a large part in this decision you do not want to waste your time with someone who is just "kind of" your type when you are looking for the whole package. It may seem cruel, but that is just the way it is. A woman would be crushed if her significant other didn't find her attractive in anyway. Men typically do think the same thing on this matter.

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Another matter is Mr. Right's family. Remember you don't just get him, you get the whole family. Although, you may not enjoy the time with them as much as you do him it's always a factor that they are going to be there. It would be perfect in all cases that he came from a well-rounded family, but they could always be dysfunctional. You might need to invest some time in getting to know why and what has gone on to understand fully. Make sure that he is committed to being the best person for you and most of all, himself.

Most importantly, be sure to find some one that has a grasp on God's plan for him in life. You want someone that knows where he is going and doesn't want to worry about what the next step will be every moment. You also need to find someone that knows how to get there. For example, going to college or someplace where he can further his education in anyway can always help. This goes for both parties of the relationship. Also be sure that his vision is compatible with your own. Although your hobbies and interest can be close or different everything generally needs to flow to be a healthy relationship.

When it all comes down to it people get in relationships for all the wrong reasons and when they are



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