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Lsi Conflict Survey - History Repeats

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Essay Preview: Lsi Conflict Survey - History Repeats

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The LSI Conflict survey assists in analyzing and understanding whether one's behavior helps or hinders their ability to deal with conflicting situation in a constructive manner. It does this by calculating the responses to a series of questions regarding how you handle conflict. Questions like do you have to be right in conflict, willingness to compromise, and do you avoid conflict. It even asked questions that I didn't realize had such an impact on conflict. For instance, are you a perfectionist, are you more results oriented or people oriented, and do you depend on others or do many people look to you for answers.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the LSI conflict survey, learning and analyzing the results. I feel it gives me a better understanding of my personality when it comes to my management style, personal interactions and my own individual traits. Let's jump right into the results from my LSI conflict survey.

Based on the results I received from the survey, scores ranked from highest to lowest in the following conflict orientations: Conciliator, Pragmatist, Self-Empowered & Relationship Builder. All four were ranked in the 70 or higher percentile placing me in the Constructive conflict orientation. The results from my Conflict Circumplex tells me that "Individuals exhibiting these styles deal with conflict effectively; they see conflict situations as opportunities for personal growth, treat opponents as respected equals, and tend to have a goal beyond winning or losing which enables them to benefit regardless of the conflict's outcome."

By far my most dominant style is Conciliator, which is in the Constructive style, scoring the highest 39 in the 96 percentile. "People who score in the High range for the Conciliator style believe conflicts between people are natural and important. In addition, they believe that people are basically well-intentioned and want to work through their differences in helpful and fair ways. This optimistic belief is grounded in Conciliators' experiences that their own conflicts have provided them opportunity for improved self-understanding and healthier relationships." In my managerial experience, I've found it extremely important to have rapport and relationships with those who report to you. In many cases I have found that an employee that was not performing at their highest level was experiencing problems in their personal life having nothing to do with misunderstanding the duties. By showing genuine concern, employees are more open to trust and respect what I bring to the table. This makes for better morale, happier employees and an overall great work environment. Happy employees provide exceptional customer service and in my line of work I know that satisfied customers are the best advertising. This will produce more customers, higher revenue and prosperity for the company. This is why it is crucial as this builds healthier relationships



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