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Assault Weapon Ban

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Essay Preview: Assault Weapon Ban

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Is an assault weapons ban what this country really needs? How effective was the past assault weapons ban against violent crime? An assault weapons ban will not solve the problem with senseless killing and violence in America. Regardless of the laws that this country puts into place to prevent criminals from getting their hands on these types of weapons is not going to be very effective when we still have them being sold on the black market.

Assault weapons are not the cause of the violence in America therefore a ban of these types of weapons is warranted. An assault weapon has never killed anyone without an irresponsible owner behind the trigger. If we are going to stop the sale of these type of weapons the we also need to stop the sale of knives, axes, fertilizer or anything else that can be misuse and cause mass casualties. People are going continue to commit murder in this country regardless of what type of weapon they use, the only way to prevent murder is to improve the justice system and keep these felons and mentally ill persons off the street. A weapons ban to me is just a Band-Aid on a bullet wound; all it's really doing is pacifying society for a short period of time. The ban will in no way shape or form deter a criminal or mentally ill person from committing murder.

The country also has proposed more stringent laws be put into place to purchase fire arms, which I personally am for. The only issue with that is the people that are committing the crimes are not going to the gun stores and buying these weapons. Most of them are prior felons so they are not allowed to purchase, so just like with anything else you want in the world if you have the right connections and the funding you can get anything. All the new laws are doing is making it harder for responsible gun owners as myself to purchase and enjoy firearms in a controlled and safe setting. So you have to ask who are we punishing here the criminals or the responsible citizens. There are still going to be tons of weapons sold on the black market, so if a person wants to commit a violent crime they are going to get the weapons they need by any means necessary.

The most important reason to me that a weapons ban will not fix the problem in this country is because there are just too many ways to do things. You don't need an assault weapon to commit a crime that going to cause a huge death toll, just remember the Oklahoma City bombing there wasn't any way to that anyone could have stopped that from happening. The materials used in the situation are things that you can buy everyday at your local hardware store. This further supports the point that a ban is not going to stop the type of violence that takes the lives of a large number of people. I do understand that we do need some type of gun control in this nation, but the proposed plan of action is just not the right plan of action.



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