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Lying Case

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Essay Preview: Lying Case

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It's also poison to your reputation. Not only will people you know stop trusting you - people they know won't give you the chance either. That can affect not only interpersonal relationships but business relationships as well. Would you hire a guy with a rep for being a liar?

It affects your standing - people do not respect liars. If you have lied to them - or have that rep - you will not be respected. It makes a big difference - both in what people are saying to your face - and behind your back. Well respected people have others come to their defense - those who aren't respected only get additional mockery. it affects how well you can communicate - people listen to those they respect. People never listen to known liars.

It is a form of theft in principle. It is the withholding of truth from someone who has the right to have it. Also note that defined in that way, Rahab did not sinfully lie. I do not believe that all falsehoods are sinful lies but I don't debate that here on the forum as the subject gets too intense among friends for me. If anyone wants to discuss it with me, find me on Paltalk. It is not an easy subject. I would recommend that you go to and do an article search, he has some excellent articles on the subject.



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